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An expert guide to selling your foreclosed house in Alabama  


Selling a house in foreclosure in Alabama requires a deep understanding of the foreclosure laws concerning the rules stated by the federal and state departments. It is a critical topic, as it directly relates to your financial situation and beloved home. Moreover, the severity of this daunting subject speeds up after failing to respond to the lender’s mortgage payments exceeding 2 months. The only choice left in this critical phase is selling your house, as it can fulfill the lender’s rights and stabilize your financial situation. In this article, you will learn the key aspects that must be considered during and prior to selling a house in foreclosure.  

Timeline of the foreclosure process in Alabama  

Knowing the foreclosure timeline is essential before selling a home in foreclosure in Alabama. This complex subject consists of different phases, which are explained below:  

Missing the first repayment  

When you fail to repay the potential lender’s missing mortgage payments, the foreclosure process takes place. In this process, a prior notice period of about two weeks is transferred to the borrower. However, missing the payments in the notice period will cause an extra penalty. Moreover, the rate of leniency in this critical phase depends on the lender’s rigidity. If he is strict with the contract policy, he may consult the court or concerned authorities.   

Default process  

If you consistently fail to repay the missing mortgage after 4 weeks, you will be put in the default phase. This will allow the lender to initiate the foreclosure process based on the amount of his missing payments.   

Default notice  

Generally, there are two types of foreclosure in Alabama. In judicial foreclosure, you are legally approached by the lender, who appeals to the court to foreclose your real estate property. Then, the court examines the complete procedure and legally focuses on the foreclosed property to sell it to a third party in an auction. You can stop this procedure prior to this auction concerning foreclosure.    

In non-judicial cases, the borrower can conveniently repay the missing mortgage payments. In this category, the lender signs a mortgage contract with the borrower, agreeing for a certain period to pay the remaining dues. This task is free from the court’s involvement and is accomplished in the presence of a third party who acts as a trustee.  


Pre-foreclosure is the phase that starts from the notice of default period and the time to sell a foreclosed home to a third party in an auction. The borrower must pay his missing repayments or communicate with the lender about a possible solution to stop this process. One of the best solutions is selling a house during foreclosure either alone, hiring ‘We Cash Home Buyers Alabama’ companies, or consulting a professional realtor.   

Sales notice   

If you miss the remaining payments necessary to pay in the pre-foreclosure phase, the sales notice will start. It is a legal notice that is generated from the lender to get his remaining mortgage payments. Generally, the time for sales notice may vary from two months or less compared to the sale of a foreclosed house auction time. Moreover, in this phase, the borrower still has the potential to sell my home fast to avoid foreclosure.   

Notice of ejection  

Once the borrower has failed to address the lender in all the abovementioned phases, he is eligible to eject the house. After foreclosure, you must leave the house and allow it to be sold by a third party in an auction to meet the lender’s expenses. Remember, timing is everything in this crucial phase, and if you fail to act quickly.  

Experience hassle-free selling a house in foreclosure in Alabama partnered with Princely Properties.    

There are certain parameters that must be considered if you miss the lender’s mortgage repayments. In this difficult phase, you must act quickly and communicate with your lender about selling a house in foreclosure prior to losing its rights, which is the best possible outcome. Completing this objective alone or hiring a ‘we cash home buyer Alabama‘ company can increase stress and reduce profit gains. However, consulting Princely Properties to sell your house during foreclosure is the perfect option, as they help you list your home, market, and showings to close the deal effectively. Their professional realtor team will boost your selling process by increasing its reachability to potential buyers.    


Selling a house in foreclosure in Alabama requires deep insights into the challenges and a clear understanding of this problematic subject. This will help you repay the remaining mortgage payments and stabilize your financial condition. Remember to communicate with your lender in each ongoing step of selling your house during foreclosure is necessary. Selling a home by consulting an expert realtor can optimize the sales process. Like the traditional method, these real estate experts list your house to potential buyers without commission. They assist in evaluating the foreclosure process and try to make a perfect deal to overcome your financial challenges.    

Selling a house before foreclosure is the best approach. However, you must negotiate with the lender at each ongoing step of selling your house during foreclosure.   

If selling your house does not meet the missing loan payments, you must owe the extra money until the lender’s mortgage payments are fully repaid.  This process is called deficiency judgement in which you still must pay the remaining loans of the lender.  

Consulting Princely Properties is essential if you encounter foreclosure in Alabama. They assist in evaluating the foreclosure process and trying to make a perfect deal to overcome your financial challenges.    

Princely Properties will help boost your house's reachability to potential buyers. They guide you in making a suitable deal and the transaction process in no time. 

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